Are you reviewing ok city ok for publication? Perhaps you would be more comfortable here.

ok city ok is from Japan, which is either west of California or east of it (please consult a reliable map or atlas before attempting a pilgrimage). They perform in Tokyo, mostly, home of the Meguro Parasite Museum, which is free and has a bitching gift shop.

Demos of songs that became Made By Elaborate Process, a 12-song album that presents the results of several years' research into various personality disorders and sets them to insanely enjoyable rock music, were posted on online in late 2004 and logged like 10,000 free downloads as of mid-2007. The album is now available for download on iTunes, or you can get the actual thing itself in the CD format here, for the same ridiculously low price of $10.

ok city ok stayed in hotels and ate out every night for ten days in June 2007 after being invited to Toronto for the North By Northeast Music Festival & Conference.

Health problems and family obligations kept ok city ok mostly out of action for the next 12 months, forcing them to turn down invitations to festivals in the UK and USA, but finally managed to drag themselves Canada-ward once again for NXNE 2008. Their performance there somehow led to an invitation to South By Southwest 2009, which, barring any of several million possible catastrophes, ok city ok shall assuredly attend.

Update (finally): Several million catastrophes later, ok city ok did in fact make it to N. America for Canadian Music Week 2009 and South By Southwest 2009. The number of attractive and friendly people on our listener page leapt from microscopic to minute. We sold a few T-shirts (still available!) and then came back to Japan and put things on hiatus, which is where they remain for the time being.

ok city ok can be contacted by clicking this here link.