ok city ok news

A belated happy new year with total sincerity from ok city ok.

An Update from ok city ok

A one-off, very special episode of the ok city ok undramatic series (with some new songs) will air live just south of the great metropolis, kindly invited by the magnificent Shakes and their friends.

Members may change or disappear altogether, songs may start and end differently than anyone meant them to, lyrics may be forgotten, but there is one thing upon which you may rely: There will be T-shirts. There will always, always be bitching T-shirts at eminently reasonable prices.

Next Show:
Saturday November 28 at 6:30 in the P.M.
Shin-Yokohama Bell's
The Shakes present
"Friday Saturday On My Mind"

The Shakes
MvF with c[
The Boots
ok city ok
\2500 Advance (contact ok city ok)
\3000 Door

It is sure to be a damn show, and we urge you to come and enjoy yourself. We are first, and the other bands come after.

Thank you for your patience.

We were pleased to see you at our last show for the time being. Some of you may not have purchased your T-shirt yet.

July newsletter is here. All questions are answered here.
Next show will be the last with current lineup ("Class of '05"):
July 20 Silver Elephant, Kichijoji
ok city ok starts at 6:00PM
Thanks for your support.

No news is good news.
Next show:
7/20 Silver Elephant, Kichijoji

April newsletter is here.

March was nice. Now it's April.

Next show:

4/19 Yoyogi Labo
¥2000 Advance
¥2500 Door

ok city ok starts at like 18:30

There will be T-shirts.

It is now March. Newsletter posted here.
We shall rock thusly:

3/12 Brooklyn NY
Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Ave

3/13 Toronto ON
Canadian Music Week 2009
Rok Boutique
200 Bathurst St

3/17 New York NY
Lit Lounge
93 Second Ave

3/21 Austin TX
801 South Lamar

3/21 Austin TX
South By Southwest 2009
615 Red River

Here is a poster:

Happy Valentine's Day

Sadly, Cambridge is out. "Tour" looks like this now:

3/12 Brooklyn NY
Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Ave

3/13 Toronto ON
Canadian Music Week 2009
Rok Boutique
200 Bathurst St

3/17 New York NY
Lit Lounge
93 Second Ave

3/21 Austin TX
801 South Lamar

3/21 Austin TX
South By Southwest 2009
615 Red River

Sporadic tour update:

3/11 Cambridge MA
TT The Bear's Place
10 Brookline St

3/12 Brooklyn NY
Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Ave

3/13 Toronto ON
Canadian Music Week 2009
Rok Boutique
200 Bathurst St

3/17 New York NY
Lit Lounge
93 Second Ave

3/18-21 Austin TX
South By Southwest 2009
Venue TBA (when? who knows)

3/21 Austin TX
801 South Lamar

Thank you
for coming to Turning last night. We apologize for our behavior.

Some updates for your bootyliciousness:

ok city ok is now on Facebook. Consider friendship with ok city ok here.

N. American tour sort of coming together:

3/11 Boston/TT the Bear's
3/13 Toronto/Rok Boutique
3/17 NYC/Lit Lounge
3/18-21 Austin/SXSW

Remember our motto: "We hope to see you there."

Bitching photos uploaded to ok city ok's much-neglected MySpace page.
You may view them here.

Next show:
Jan 24 (Sat)

Turning, Nishogikubo
ok city ok starts at 7:50

After that:
Mar 11-14

CMW/Canadian Music Festival

Mar 18-21
SXSW Music Festival
Austin TX USA

We are still getting used to the Gregorian calendar.

ok city ok's next show is at Shimo-Kitazawa's mona records on Saturday (not Sunday, as previously reported), January 10.

The Editorial Board of this site and the ok city ok Space-Time Reconciliation Committee will issue a formal apology by February 30.

Uppacoming 2009 Shows:
Jan 10 (Sat)
mona records, Shimo-Kitazawa
Jan 24 (Sat)
Turning, Nishogikubo
Mar 11-14
CMW/Canadian Music Festival
Mar 18-21
SXSW Music Festival
Austin TX USA

We enjoyed our time with you last week at Zher the Zoo with the kind Shakes and equally kind Masahiko Shinobu. We simply must get together more often.

For instance:
12.23 Silver Elephant (Kichijoji)
ok city ok is last (headlining, mang)
we start at like 8:50
Y1300 advance (cheap!)

More info in this here newsletter.

Thanks to our intrepid friends who came out to our shows last month. We were sick as dogs but the sight of your healthy, friendly faces warmed and encouraged us immensely and we hope we didn't inadvertently get any diseased slobber on you as we croaked our sickly songs.

Does anyone have any extra US working visas lying around? We need two, as we've been invited to South By Southwest in the United States of America, and we wish not to be beaten and punctuated by flag lapel pins at our port of entry at that time (March 2009). We promise to give them right back afterward.

We've also been invited to Toronto, Canada for Canadian Music Week. However, we are not Canadians. We are from out of town, but we appreciate being included.

December shows:
13 December (Sat) @ Zher the Zoo, Yoyogi
with The Shakes and Masahiko Shinobu
ok city ok starts at like 7:00PM.

23 December (Tue/Holiday) @ Silver Elephant, Kichijoji

Remember our motto: "We hope to see you there."

Here is the slightly more precise information you require.

11.24 (Mon) Planet K Kichijoji
ok city ok starts 21:00
11.25 (Tue) mona records Shimo-Kitazawa
ok city ok starts 19:50
Remember our motto: We hope to see you there.

A joyous and peaceful Halloween to all.

New shows uppacoming:
11.24 (Mon/Labor Thanksgiving)
Planet K (Kichijoji)
11.25 (Tue/Back to work)
mona records (Shimo-Kitazawa)
12.13 (Sat)
Zher the Zoo (Yoyogi)
12.23 (Tue/Emperor's Birthday)
Silver Elephant (Kichijoji)
1.24 (Sat)
Turning (Nishi-Ogikubo)
South by Southwest Music Festival
(Austin TX USA)
something smells like a N. American tour in here

Shows uppacoming:
11.24 (Mon/Labor Thanksgiving)
Planet K (Kichijoji)
11.25 (Tue/Back to work)
mona records (Shimo-Kitazawa)
12.13 (Sat)
Zher the Zoo (Yoyogi)

October newsletter here.
Next show: Oct 19 (Sun)
Turning (Nishi-Ogikubo)

We were recently appraised kindly by Live From Tokyo.

We have an announcement to make.
ok city ok welcomes Chizu Nakamura to the ok city ok corporate family as its new Director of Bass Research.

Thanks for coming out.

Good to see you last week.
Next Show:
Sept 21 (Sun)
mona records, Shimo-Kitazawa
ok city ok starts at like 8:30PM
Please please please come

We have not been in touch as often as we would like.

Please allow us to apologize
September 12 (Fri)
Silver Elephant, Kichijoji
(JR Chuo Line, Inokashira Line)
with JbeBOI[PXg, ΂ڂ, andymori, & zCYRz
ok city ok starts at like 7:00PM.
More details here.

Uppacoming shows

Sept 12 (Fri)
Silver Elephant, Kichijoji
Sept 21 (Sun)
mona records, Shimo-Kitazawa
Oct 19 (Sun)
Turning, Nishi-Ogikubo
Dec 13 (Sat)
Zher the Zoo, Yoyogi
Please plan accordingly.

Belated thanks

to all who came out to Nishi-Okubo last Sunday.
Tom is better now. She sends her regrets.
Documentation of the show is here.

7.27 (Sun)
@ Turning (Nishi-Ogikubo)
ok city ok starts at like 19:50


July Newsletter here
Containing links to photos, interviews, videos, and reviews of varying accuracy.

Next show: 7.10 (Thu) @ mona records (Shimo-Kitazawa)
ok city ok starts at like 21:00.

Home again
See irrefutable proof of ok city ok's travels/travails in Canada here.

Things are coming together for ok city ok's upcoming appearance at Toronto's North By Northeast Music and Film Festival & Conference thusly:

12 Jun (Thu) @ 2:00 PM
In-store set with moja (Tokyo) and Bird Week (Toronto) at 69 Vintage (1100 Queen St W).
Absolutely free/Free as the wind

13 Jun (Fri) @ 8:00 PM
NXNE Showcase at the Silver Dollar Room (Spadina Ave @ College)
ok city ok starts at 9:00 PM

More details in this here newsletter.

Thanks for coming out last night. ok city ok is touched and a little alarmed at your adulation.

Newsletter here.

Next show: 5.31 (Sat)
Planet K in Kichijoji
Directions: Go out the Chuo Exit (not Inokashira Park) and go down Sun Road covered shopping arcade. Take second left and walk past Isetan toward Parco. Club is on right, under Doutour Coffee.
open 18:30
start 19:00
ok city ok starts 21:00
(last, mang)
Y2000 Advance

Y2300 Door (highway robbery)
Please please please come

We can call it a "monthly" newsletter again, at least for a while.

A message to the Noble Citizens of Toronto: We are working up something special for you. Please let us know your daytime phone numbers and your shirt sizes.

Uppacoming shows
May 31 (Sat) Planet K
June 13 (Fri) North By Northeast
The Silver Dollar Room
486 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON Canada
July 10 (Thu) Mona Records (Shimo-Kitazawa)

2nd Quarter Newsletter Here.


The UK clamors, we hang our heads in shame. Insurmountable logistical hurdles force ok city ok to turn down a spot at Liverpool Sound City.

Awaiting News from the UK

ok city ok has somehow been invited to Liverpool Sound City 2008 in the city of the same name.
You now know as much as we do.

Uppacoming shows
April 20 @ Koenji High
with our heroes the Shakes, Saddles, and Rockbottom
May 31 @ Planet K (Kichijoji)
June 12-15 North By Northeast
Somewhere in Toronto

Have you been appraised of this situation?

A rather varied group of individuals are listening to ok city ok all over the goddamned place, if Last.fm is to be believed. Last.fm is a kind of service that reveals to the world exactly what you are listening to at any given moment, in order that your enemies may more easily identify you. It is free to join.

February's newsletter is here, with our apologies.

Thank you
for coming out last week. Video footage of part of the show (possibly the good part) is available on Live Cheers (registration required, for those who relish a challenge).

Year-Final Bulletins

ok city ok salutes the SHERROCK, with gratitude for all their support over the years.

Next Show: 2008.2.22 @ Silver Elephant in Kichijoji. (Easy way to remember: largest digit in date is the sum of all other digits. See? Math is convenient.)

More photos have been added to this page here.

Irrefutable proof: Footage of last year's show at Tokyo's Daisy Bar can be seen here.

We wish you a prosperous New Year.

Fourth Quarter Newsletter here.

First show in a while, last show of the year.

Shimo-Kitazawa Garage
12.23 (Sun)(Nat'l Holiday)

We have been kindly invited to open for the SHERROCK's farewell show. Come say goodbye to these fine young men.
ok city ok starts at like 18:30.
Flyer here.

The weather is fine and we are beautiful.
Still, shockingly little gets done here in beautiful ok city ok. Some tidbits from the news department:

More adventures in self-googling: Mondo Magazine Online (Toronto) posted a review of ok city ok's show in Toronto back in June, which we found out about just now somehow.

In further slow-breaking news, another video of ok city ok's Toronto show has surfaced among the plethora of tornado videos on YouTube. Thanks are due to Montreal's Shaker Records.

Franz from Indica Records in Montreal kindly treated us to an evening at the fantastically expensive Tokyo Cotton Club with the alluring Dobacaracol (we didn't play, we just watched) on October 10.

In response to a mostly imagined need, a proper information page has been added to the site, featuring reviews, links to videos and music, an embryonic FAQ and some other foolishness.

You clamor, ok city ok responds. An interview recorded for CKLN-FM in Toronto has been added to the aforementioned information page. Thanks are due to the Full Moon program and its hosts Ricardo Persaud and Ron Miyanishi.

No news is good news.

It is too damn hot to do anything. No gigs, no activities until the temperatures go down to a more reasonable level.

August newsletter is here.

ok city ok are question-answerin' fools
Ten questions are answered in a forthright and manfully direct manner at the courageous Tokyo Music blog.

We are here to help.
ok city ok answers readers' pleas for counsel in SoundProof Magazine. Features actual solicited advice.

The bio & press clippings page has been made even more bitching than before.

July newsletter is here.

Further updates

Stylish and flattering ok city ok T-shirts will soon be available through this website. This is true - you may tell others.

If you have not taken a look at the photos or information section of this website for a while, well, we suggest you go ahead and check them out right now.

A new flyer for the upcoming July 28 show at Club 251 has been posted here.

A clip of ok city ok performing "self-starter" live in Toronto has been posted here.

We are extremely excited

Squid & Ink Magazine has kindly promised to send us our very own custom-sewn ok city ok stuffed squid. We have always wanted one.

Made By Elaborate Process is now available via iTunes. Click this button and see.

Also, ME Television in Austin TX has said they will see what they can do about getting us a clip of our TV interview in that noble city. We will surely post irrefutable proof somewheres when that happens.

Finally, in response to several press inquiries, we have decided to stop screwing around and put our names and instrumental responsibilities on the information page of this site. We regret any confusion.

Thank you

To everyone who fed, housed, lent equipment to, bought stuff from, or just came to see us on our triumphant Tour of North America 6/6 - 6/15. Some irrefutable proof may be viewed by following the links below:

Soundproof Magazine appraised ok city ok's Toronto show.

Squid & Ink Magazine (Toronto) conducted a sort of post-show squid-holding experiment, graciously including ok city ok (scroll down to 'Friday').

The suave Ramone posted a couple of clips of the Toronto performance here and here.

www.RockOfJapan.com (NYC) courageously reviewed Made By Elaborate Process.

The Dallas Observer ran a feature alerting the people to ok city ok's show in that noble city.

The beautiful Heather courageously documented ok city ok and the Real Heroes' show in Austin.

The courageous citizens at Austin's ME Television interviewed us for the "Red River Rocks" show and let us do a promo in Japanese, and then we gave them presents, in hopes of one day getting a copy of the clip.

Watch this space for more specifics in upcoming days.

Next Show: 7.28 (Sat)
Club 251 (Shimo-Kitazawa)
with the legendary Shakes

June Newsletter is here.
Thrilling highlights:
June tour of Canada & US still on

Live video available here (registration required, for those who enjoy a challenge)

Yet more irrefutable proof at Harmaceutical and KarateRice

ok city ok listings for Chicago (the City of Brotherly Love) are SADLY INCORRECT - NO SHOW IN CHICAGO

More Irrefutable Proof:
Tokyo Music
(Courageous Tokyo music writer)
(Courageous NYC music site)

News for Youse
May newsletter is here.

Next Show: 5.18 (Fri)

Silver Elephant (Kichijoji)
ok city ok is headlining*
Excellent, can't miss map here
* meaning, we go on last.

April newsletter is here.

Next show: 4.28 (Sat)
Reloaded 21 Film presents
Spinning Play Party

Club Liner (Koenji Tokyo)
With Reloaded 21 Film
advance JPY2000+drink
When we say Koenji, we mean "Shin-Koenji" on the Marunouchi Line (map here)
ok city ok starts at like 20:00 ("8:00PM")
Special Offer for Attendees:
Free limited-edition CD
Absolutely free
Free as the wind

Please please come.

Holy Shit

NYC show added
June 10 (Sun) 22:00*
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton St. (212)995-1652
$7 American

*"10:00 P.M." in US English

Still no word from the organizers of NXNE.
The possibility of a cruel hoax cannot yet be ruled out.

Thank you

to Beetlebum
the Hinshi Etude
and Michael J Downey & the World for rocking courageously (3.30) in the maid-infested waters of Akihabara

Next Show Schedule:

3/30 (Fri)
Dress Tokyo (Akihabara)
Michael J. Downey 21:30
ok city ok 20:50
the Hinshi Etude 20:10*
Beetlebum 19:30
1500 yen + 1 drink
Please please please come

*Goddammit, we screwed up the katakana on the flyer.

More International-Type News
Courage! to Michael J. Downey, who will be bringing his "Hashi Tour 2007" to Japan. Said tour kicks off at Dress Tokyo in Akihabara March 30 (Fri) with ok city ok. Full tour dates (in English) here. ok city ok says "by all means."

Happy Belated New Year

ok city ok has been off for a bit, but we have finally started coming out of our shell. Thank you to all who came out Friday for our semi-triumph at Shimo-Kitazawa Garage. ok city ok salutes Garage's Mayumi Ohhashi (because that's how she spells it; it's her name and she can spell it any way she wants) for Courageness in Booking.

There Must Have Been Some Mistake
...but ok city ok has been invited to play NXNE in Toronto in June. We applied to SXSW in Austin TX but let us not speak of that now. We presumably put the stamp on upside down or something.

We don't know if this will work
but Silver Elephant kindly posted a bitching video of ok city ok's self-starter (c. June 2006)

(registration required, in Japanese: exhaustive instructions here. Slightly easier than 1040 income tax form.)
Update! 07.02.24
The video is gone now. Curse you, lethargy!

Last show this year:
11.30 (Thu)

Planet K (Kichijoji)
ok city ok starts at 21:00
please please please come

06.11.23 (Thanksgiving)
at Daisy Bar (11.10) & Silver Elephant (11.23)
Our thanks to Atsuya Akao (Plat Home Nine), Keisuke Hinami (somatone) and everyone who came out.

audio recordings documenting recent local victories available at ok city ok's MySpace page:
(Silver Elephant 9.24)
enraged husband
skeleton kiss

with Keisuke Hinami (violin & guitar)(in that order)
(Daisy Bar 11.10)

wages of self-googling
Not always bad. Discovered on Tower Records Japan bounce.com
Translation: ok city ok "I wanna be your lawyer"
President's comment: "I like to support these 'international communication' bands. If there were more bands like this, I think I'd go out to see music more often."
by Masashi Sato from Quruli (a cool big-deal Japanese band)

shows uppacoming
Nov 10 (Fri)
Shimo-Kitazawa Daisy Bar
with Plat Home Nine
who kindly made this

Nov 23 (Thu)
Kichijoji Silver Elephant

Nov 30 (Thu)
Kichijoji Planet K

triumph at chelsea hotel

(ok city ok-1+2) destroyed the monsters in Shibuya 06.10.06 with the invaluable assistance of the hishi etude (keisuke from somatone) on violin & guitar and the beautiful yuko on miniature bass.
These heroic friends of ok city ok strode forward and rocked courageously despite horrific conditions (rain, short notice).

For astonishing bravery, ok city ok tearfully awards keisuke and yuko the ok city ok Medal of Courageousness.

ok city ok salutes these noble musicians.

Courage! also to Michael Downey, whose tour of Korea begins next month. The chelsea hotel show was originally set up by Michael, whose tour of Japan was sadly cancelled. Thank you again, Michael, for allowing the show to go on. ok city ok salutes you.

ok city ok makes the list
The lovely dturgentbyrne recognizes ok city ok twice on her list of "songs about people or buildings on fire," alongside Brian Eno and Talking Heads (current champions).

a flurry of updates
guest appearance
Oct 1 (Sun)
most or all of ok city ok will perform an ACT onstage with those fine young men
at k garage

Due to multiple unfortunate developments, Michael Downey will not be appearing at Chelsea Hotel on Oct 6 (Fri)
ok city ok, doppler bros., and most likely others will rock as plannned

free download
someone's been reading my horoscope live recording
ok city ok live* in Tokyo

*because no matter how you pronounce it, it's true

We are filled with shame:
We can't play 8/19
with the fabulous
Doppler Brothers

message board
To: Whoever is patiently advertising "Toilet Mania" DVDs
You may stop now. We will be sure to forward any relevant inquiries. Kind regards,
ok city ok action squad

ok city ok CD
made by elaborate process
$10 (cheap)

new shows
RETURN to ShimoKita
9.21 (Thu) We mean
9.7 (Thu)

then BACK to Kichijoji
9.24 (Sun) silver elephant

contribute to the
ok city ok bass player commuter-support fund
(round-trip between home and kichijoji: 2,100 yen
(about $20)
buy tom a drink

new shows
8.13 (Fri) planet k
8.20 (Fri) silver elephant
please please please come

new shows
6.30 (Fri) silver elephant
7.26 (Wed) star pines cafe
please please please come

new shows
6.9 (Fri) four valley
6.16 (Fri) planet k

Thank you
for coming out last night

links page now more bitching: moran

next show:
5.12 (Fri) mona records

next show:
4.6 (Thu) garage
after that:
5.12 (Fri) mona records

triumph at four valley
bitching photos by akao-san (from Plat Home 9)

site maintains strict once-per-month update pace

next show: 3.04 (Sat) at four valley (Yotsuya, Tokyo)
trippy flyer contributed by nagatsuka-san

page now more bitching: doppler brothers

kind review by IowaHick discovered on download.com:

"Interesting sounds in there. How *DO* the insects all know his name?
I really like this band. There's all kinds of interesting sounds in the songs--sounds like they have been made by elaborate processes. The band is just as interesting live, and indeed, I'd like to hear some stripped-down versions of these tunes: less elaborate, if you will. There's a sound in "Ferocious" that sounds like one of the sounds on The Residents' Commercial Album--or like a dentist's drill.

I just really like these songs. The chords are rich and lush, the songs are weird and singable - just good music.

The guitar moan in She's Literally On Fire is like Bob-Mould-Meets-Tony-Iommi... and you should see that sucker live! Grace straps into his big ol' Billy Zoom/Rev Horton hollerbody and humps that hunkmetal ***** all the way to the Wisconsin Dells. Hot diggity! The band does a 'stop everything' kinda deal and Grace brings the meeting to order again with that huge note. I'm pretty sure he got it from Nugent's screamin' Byrdland. There's a lot of Terrible Ted in this music. Not actually so much IN it, but kind of near it. Sort of."

new flyers for January & February

2006 is the year of the dog
nothing much else to report

links page now more bitching: somatone

triumph at garage

it has been forcefully suggested that dickens shows should be more clearly advertised as "solo, acoustic, mostly-covers shows"
Next solo, acoustic, mostly-cover show Dec 7 (Wed) at what the dickens

fixed 9.8 entry screw-up
links page now more bitching:
the resistance


shows scheduled:
Oct 21 (Fri) @ garage
Dec 2 (Fri) @ mona records


shiba-kun throws his hat
into the guest flyerage ring


japanese site laboriously set up


Finally, a proper message board (see link to Category H: Multiple Personality Disorder)


heavy flyer courtesy of nagatsuka-san

new link added: cool tokyo girl's trilingual online diary www.eriko.se


shows uppacoming:
Aug 12 (Fri) 19:40
@ garage
Aug 12 (Fri) 21:00 @ mona records
Sept 1 (Thu)
@ what the dickens
Sept 6 (Tue)
@ garage


Aug 12 (Fri) 19:40
@ garage
thank you to the SHERROCK


what the dickens show feedback: lacked vim
and yet:
Sept 1 (Thu) @ what the dickens


shows added:
August 12 (Fri) @ mona records


re: 6.29 show at garage: we are filled with shame

information & recordings pages now more bitching

triumph at mona records

complimentary (in both senses) blurb
from the editors
at download.com:
"Alternative-indie band from Japan boasts radio-ready, aim-to-please vocals, while the lyrics konk you over the head with a square watermelon. With the vim of the Replacements, they're surprising, hilarious, open, and free. A treat in any country, anytime."

coming shows:
June 3 (Fri) @ mona records
June 29 (Wed) @ garage
July 14 (Thu) @ what the dickens

tripadelic flyer for May 10 show kindly contributed by nagatsuka-san

new shows uppacoming:
April 13 (Tue) @ what the dickens
May 10 (Tue) @ garage
shows page now more bitching

new flyer for mona records show

ok city ok-related interview posted here

new shows added in 2005
(year of the bird)
2.15 what the dickens
3.19 mona records w/ the shakes
4.13 (wed) what the dickens

Now They Can Be Heard Online

songs posted at download.com

page added.
send email to ok city ok